Brown Belt Requirements



  • Forms: Pyang Ahn Sa Dan for adults, 1/2 Pyang Ahn E Dan for kids
  • One-step self defense: Hand techniques 1 to 15 and Foot techniques 1 to 5 for adults


  • Hand: Elbow Attack


  • Why do we use the four steps in basic kicks?
    • Chamber for power
    • Kick to hit the target
    • Re-chamber in case another kick is needed
    • Set foot down for balance
  • What is Ahp Chagi? Front Kick
  • What is Dull Ryo Chagi? Round House Kick
  • What is Dwi Chagi? Back Kick
  • What is Ha Dan Ma Kee? Low Block
  • What is Sang Dan Ma Kee? High Block
  • What is Ahneso Pakuro Ma Kee? Inside-Outside Block
  • What is Pakeso Ahnuro Ma Kee? Outside-Inside Block

Plus all previous requirements