Advanced Yellow Belt Requirements



  • Kicks: Round House Kick, Knee Smash
  • Blocks: Inside-Outside Block, Outside-Inside Block, Star Block
  • Forms: Basic Form 2 for adults, 1/2 of Basic Form 1 for kids
  • One-step self defense: Hand techniques 1 to 4 for adults
  • Hand techniques: Jab, Punch, Reverse Punch
  • Stances: Fighting Stance


  • Hand: Hammer Fist


  • Commands in training
    • Chay Rut: Attention
    • Kuk Gi Ba Ray: Salute Flags
    • Ba Ro: Return
    • Chun Bee: Ready position
  • What are the flags on the wall?
    • Left: USA
    • Center: Tang Soo Do
    • Right: South Korea
  • Why do we salute the flags? To show respect
  • What are the four things you need to learn to be a good karate person?
    • Listening
    • Respect
    • Focusing
    • Listening skills

Plus all previous requirements