Advanced Orange Belt Requirements



  • Kicks: Jumping Side Kick, Advanced Jumping Front Kick, Advanced Jumping Round House Kick
  • Blocks: Low Crossed-wrist Defense, High Crossed-wrist Defense
  • Forms: Pyang Ahn Cho Dan for adults, Basic Form 2 for kids
  • One-step self defense: Hand techniques 1 to 8 for adults
  • Hand techniques: Palm Heel Attack, Spinning Back Fist


  • Foot: Front Kick


  • With what part of the foot do you kick?
    • Front Kick: Ball of the foot
    • Round House Kick: Shoelaces/instep
    • Side Kick: Bottom of the heel/blade edge
  • What is Kong Kyuck? Hand Attack
  • What is Ma Kee? Block
  • What is Chagi? Kick
  • Why do we Ki Hap? Power/scare the enemy
  • What are the four steps of basic kicks?
    • Chamber
    • Kick
    • Re-chamber
    • Set down

Plus all previous requirements