Advanced Brown Belt Requirements



  • Kicks: Jumping Spinning Back Kick
  • Forms: Pyang Ahn O Dan for adults, Pyang Ahn E Dan for kids
  • One-step self defense: Hand techniques 1 to 15 and Foot techniques 1 to 10 for adults, Hand techniques 1 to 2 and Foot techniques 1 to 2 for kids
  • Weapons: Staff Form 1 for adults, 1/2 Staff Form 1 for kids


  • Foot: Spinning Wheel Kick


  • What is Choon Be Ja Say? Describe it. Ready Stance – feet shoulder-width apart, knees straight, arms straight, fists one fist-width apart above the belt, back up straight.
  • What is Chun Gul Ja Say? Describe it. Front Stance – feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward, front knee bent, back leg straight, back up straight, shoulders facing forward.
  • What is Kima Ja Say? Describe it. Horse Stance – feet twice shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward, both knees bent, back up straight
  • What is Hu Gul Ja Say? Describe it. Fighting stance – feet shoulder-width apart, front toes pointed forward, back toes pointed sideways, front heel off of the ground, 20% of your weight on front foot, 80% of your weight on back foot, back straight.
  • What is Jung Kwon? Fore-fist/Punch
  • What is Kap Kwon? Back Fist
  • What is Soo Do? Knife Hand
  • What is Kwan Soo? Spear Hand
  • What is Yuk Soo Do? Ridge Hand

Plus all previous requirements