The duality within

You have noticed the division within your child. Some days, your child is focused, gives no back talk, & does chores without needing to be told. Then there are other days. Distracted. Sassy. Nag City.

It’s like you have 2 different kids inside of 1 kid. This isn’t fair. You signed up to have an only child. This is as exhausting as having twins.

The problem with this is that it is affecting both versions of your child. The behavior problems of the distracted sassy 1 affects the performance of the focused polite 1. What you need is a way to merge these 2 dual kids into a single person who is fully rounded out as an individual. And you need a way that will appeal to both versions of your child.

What do all kids like? What do all kids need? There must be an activity that fits both of these qualifications.


What do all kids dislike?


You need an active & interesting way to teach your dual child the skills of focusing, respect, & self-discipline.

You turn right into the Wedgewood Shopping Center & park near Thorndale Pizza Box to pick up dinner. You see a family of 7 walking in 5 kids in karate uniforms into a building. At the top, it reads “DAVID FULLER KARATE”. The kids open the door for their parents. Inside, there is a class going on where the students are helping each other with fitness drills & by holding targets for each other.

Before you enter Pizza Box, you enter this mystical place.

This is the answer.

Your child’s merge begins now.

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