October & November events

We hope you are enjoying the change in season. Let’s have a look at what will be happening at your karate school for the rest of this month & next months. Make sure you check the class schedule & event calendar for where these events are documented!

Camp days

WCASD is closed so we are offering a full day of our After School Program. Contact us for details. Dates are 09 & 28 Oct, 11 & 27 Nov. As always, we have you covered!

Belt testing

Belt testing is at the West Chester dojan at 06:00 PM 11 Oct. Don’t forget that you can check the requirements & print out testing papers on this site!

Family week

Families that train together get stronger together. 28 – 30 Oct is Family Week at DFK, which means families can train with their students in class!

Half days

Yet again, we have you covered! WCASD is having half days on 25 & 26 Nov, & we will have you covered with the After School Program, offering both school pickup & the rest of the camp day. BOOM!


For Halloween & Thanksgiving, please know that 31 Oct & 28 – 30 Nov both locations are closed.

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