Upcoming events

We have some events you’ll want to know about coming up in September & October. We keep them updated on our Events page. Here are the highlights.

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out will be held 04 Oct 2019 from 18:00 to 22:00 at the West Chester dojan. This is a fun time for the kiddos who will get pizza, games, laser tag, movies, & more while the parents get 4 kid-free hours.

Belt testing

September belt testing will be 20 Sept 2019 at the Thorndale dojan. October belt testing will be 11 Oct 2019 at the West Chester dojan. Both events start at 18:00. Be sure to check out the requirements page & print out your belt testing papers.

Camp days

West Chester Area Schools are closed on 30 Sept 2019, 09 Oct 2019, & 28 Oct 2019. We will offer a full day of our After School Program for those days. Contact us for more info.

Saturday classes

Saturday morning classes start on 14 Sept 2019. See the full class schedule calendar for your class time.

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