Sparring tips

I am not the best at sparring. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving tips on it. But nonetheless, I’ll give you my tips for becoming more effective at sparring.

Know the score

In a scored sparring match, knowing the score is important. You need to take less risks when the score is close or you are behind. When you have a lead, you are like a baseball batter who is ahead in the count 3 balls to 1 strike – you have the “green light” to “swing”. This is when blitzing & charging are good ways to close out a match.

Keep your body sideways

This is a simple defensive technique that is underused by students who are new to sparring. Your largest target is the front of your body. Therefore, keep your body sideways to make it more difficult for your opponent to reach it. Simple!

Practice with your weak side

Sparring involves contact. You’ll bang shins & forearms together. It will hurt. It may not be possible for you to effectively use your strong arm if it hurts. So you should get proficient with defense & offense with your weak side. If you are right handed, practice techniques with your left hand, & visa versa (with your feet as well). By becoming proficient with both sides, you are twice as effective.

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