1 thing that karate teaches you is to never give up. But why is this important?

Take a look at the quote below from fitness blogger Shay-lon.

Lack of determination leads to lack of willpower and no willpower will hinder your “trying” process. There are many things people have done/are doing, that many times we ask ourselves, “how”? how did this person do it, how did they keep going after failing many times, how did they meet success? The answer is they were determined. 

Shay-lon – Tuesday Tips – Determination

This nails it right on the head. It is very easy to start something new. It is 10 times harder to finish it. The difference between a successful person and a person who seems to always be a follower is that the successful person finishes what is started.

I have a personal anecdote here. In software development, there is a method of organizing work called “Kanban”. This method seeks to eliminate waste. 1 of the top generators of waste is unfinished work. Members of a team might limit themselves to a single type of work, and when their single type of work is done, move on to the next. But if the entire team does this, then this leads to many partially-completed work items

Here’s an example. Suppose 3 people are folding paper airplanes. The first person does folds 1 & 2, the second person does fold 3, and the third person does folds 4 & 5. The second person will clearly be able to produce more than the first and third people, so as soon as 1 fold is done, this person does the next fold immediately.

This starts to pile up work for the third person. All of this unfinished work is waste. What if the paper airplane shop closes? There will be a bunch of useless half-finished products. What each person in this shop should do is focus on getting a paper airplane finished all the way to the end as much as possible. This method will actually increase productivity because the team is now finishing work instead of starting it as fast as possible.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the post and her blog for insights on determination and reaching your goals!

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