The 1 trick the schools don’t want you to know

Schools across Chester County are freaking out.

Yes, I said freaking out.

There is a system out there that is undermining everything they try to teach kids, as well as the system of discipline they have put in place. You see, schools are like businesses. Children go there to learn life lessons. Schools need kids to be ignorant.

That may not be the most politically-correct thing to say, but this is true of any business. A business needs customers to need its product. It is in the business’s best interest to ensure that customers need its product. Or, at least this is what inflexible businesses that cannot or will not adapt with society do.

Some schools are clinging to the old ways. Their best “customers” are kids who need school more than other kids. Often, these kids are the problem cases – the kids who are talking back, who aren’t listening, who don’t participate, and who bully other kids. These are the kids who need the most help. And for years, the old ways of the past served the school system here just fine.

But lately, there has been a secret weapon out there for parents across our area. Kids are shaping up. They are getting better grades. They are helping other kids and including them in their games. And they are getting fit and learning self-defense skills.

Are you ready for the secret?

Click below for your personalized tour of the trick the schools don’t want you to know.


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