Think for yourself

There is often a lot of prejudice in the world. We may all have unconscious biases. What you need to strive for is a meritocracy and to view people for what they can do, and not how they are different. People are different. They may act to appear different. They may not fit a particular situation. Give people a chance.

This is also true if you are perhaps the person feeling out of place in a particular situation. Not everyone is judging you the way you think they are. You should break out of your mental prison and think for yourself. You are truly what you define yourself to be, and not what anyone else says, or what you may see in the media.

This is partially why the Internet has been so revolutionary since its invention. It lets people be judged by their words and what they produce, and not by how they appear in their current environment. And this is why you should educate yourself and stay in school. Very important! Your brain is your most important body part.


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